Mourning Hirokazu Kanazawa Kancho 10 December 2019

My dear Friends in Karate.
After the sad demise of Stan Schmidt Sensei, our Karate Do Family and Shotokan in particular now mourn the passing of Hirokazu Kanazawa Sensei.
I feel so hit as Kanazawa Sensei has been my Chief Instructor for so many years!
My deep empathy goes to his sons Nobuaki Sensei and Daizo Sensei and to all my long time friends at SKIA and above all to Mick O Keefe Sensei. And also to yourselves Ron Richmond Sensei and Kora Nowak Sensei who from SKIA carried the heritage of Frank Nowak Sensei, our guide in Shotokan for so many years. And to yourself Arie Farcas Sensei who guides me nowadays on the beautiful path of Kase Ha. Kanazawa Sensei has marked Shotokan and Karate beyond any style.
His Kata Books are one of my Bibles and so are his amazing videos.
He truly was a Giant and a Legend. I know that so many karatekas worldwide will share my emotion.
I bow with deep respect and humility.

Jean Boussard Sensei