“I have been training Shotokan Karate with Jean for 4 years now in Australia. As a Sandan since 2003 in America, I have trained with many top instructors from different parts of the world, including Japan, England, Israel and France. Sensei Jean has been a significant influence in my training and has provided the opportunities for me to grow and continue to develop my own karate through his unique perspective. He emphasizes and demonstrates core strength, proper breathing, and developing strong techniques at both basic and advanced levels. Through intense training sessions, I have experienced the challenges of pushing myself to my limits as well as the relaxed calm feeling that tends to be generated by the end of a class.
Sensei Jean promotes good health and fitness and always speaks in a calm and reassuring manner which I believe comes from a lifetime of his own dynamic training history. His classes are often tempered with kumite (sparing) and contact as appropriate, in order to develop resilience and the ability to respond appropriately if one ever needed to protect themselves in a real fighting situation. In class, we train hard and also laugh together, keeping good camaraderie among ourselves.
I enjoy training with Sensei Jean. I have come to respect him as a senior instructor and a friend who is truly dedicated to inner peace and harmony through improving character through Karate.”

Ben R. Sensei 3rd Dan (Sandan) Instructor

“Jean has been my Karate Sensei for nearly 2 years. He is my friend and mentor, and helped me immensely thru my life journey. I am the strongest I’ve ever been physically, mentally and emotionally, and I have no doubt it is due to Jeans’ counsel.”

Jason M. Sempai 2nd Dan (Nidan) Instructor

“I am a 2nd Dan Black belt in Shotakan Karate, I obtained my Shodan with JKA Australia and my Nidan with TSKFA Australia and have trained for over 14 years. I would like to take the opportunity to express how beneficial it is and appreciative I am, to train with Sensei Jean Boussard. His training encompasses all aspects of the physical body while incorporating a layered approach to application, self defence, breathing, stretching and emotional health. His teachings are tailored to all students levels, needs and understanding and his support is always positive. I highly recommend Sensei Jean’s training and guidance as an essential stepping stone for a healthy, safe, well balanced body and life.”

Christine S. Sempai 2nd Dan (Nidan)

“I have been training with sensei Jean Boussard at B.S.S for the last 9 years and thoroughly enjoy it. Karate has given me good physical health, emotional calm and control, mental clarity, focus and good self defence. Sensei Jean’s class is always challenging and fun with a great bunch of students who are always happy to help beginners. I recommend Jean’s tuition to anybody of any age.”

Fabio Q. Sempai 1st Dan (Shodan) Instructor

“I’ve been a Karateka at Bangalow Hombu Dojo for several years, moving from junior to advanced grade, and I still learn something new at every class. Sensei Jean has broad knowledge and experience of martial arts, with great teaching methods for all grades and ages, and an excellent warm up routine to promote fitness and strength. Sensei Ben is also an excellent skills teacher and demonstrator. The Byron Shotokan Karate dojos are a great place to build health and confidence with non-aggressive self defence skills and inner and outer strength.”

Alex J. Sempai 1st Dan (Shodan)

“After many years of training in various styles and dojos in Martial Arts I took a break of some 12 or so years. Back now for the last 13 months training with Sensei Jean of Byron Shire Shotokan, I believe my level of expertise has been extremely enhanced with the knowledge that Sensei Jean has imparted not only with the technical side which is based on the Kase-Ha system but more importantly in true self defence style. Sensei has a very calm and collected approach to his teaching with strong emphasis on deep controlled breathing and core strength plus the ability to show the true essence of Karate. To summarise the yin/yang flow, with calm attitude/explosive effective defence if required.”

George R. Sempai 1st Dan (Shodan) Instructor and 76 years young

“I started karaté when I was 5 and stopped about 6 years ago. All this time I was training in the South of France and discovered quite a few different dojos but always following the Shotokan path. In my teens I got into Sport karate or competition which was a wonderful outlet at that time. Later on I kept training at the Saint Eutrope karate club dojo founded by sensei Rene Cabardos, where I passed my shodan black belt. Under the F.F.K.A.M.A and the teachings of Sensei Alain and Sensei Cabardos’s son, I spent the last 4 years of my training in France in this dojo. I only restarted my training with Sensei Jean in 2017, I deeply feel everything is coming back step by step. Sensei Jean’s way of sharing karate is based on self defence helping in building up self esteem and mutual respect with a profound knowledge of the human body’s conception. I’m deeply happy and excited to be part of the team and ready to deepen my study of this beautiful martial art.”

Pierre A. Sempai 1st Dan (Shodan) Instructor

“I have found the Shotokan Karate at Bangalow to be the most realistic and useful in terms of self defence . The Dojo has a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere with the emphasis on traditional Karate.  I am back training here at Jindabyne mainly with kids and doing basics. I did talk you up to the sensei here and he was impressed with your booklet and syllabus. I have been focusing on the tips you gave me and hopefully will be showing better kime next time I see you. I really enjoyed training with you and look forward to getting back to your Dojo.”

John A. 3rd Kyu

“Dear Sensei Jean , I am writing to thank you for teaching my son and I Karate. Sam started in November 2016 and the change in him both in strength of body and mind has been quite remarkable. Your style of instruction is perfect for the kids,  the combination of discipline and fun works so well. You convinced me to join Sam’s class in March and as an unfit overweight 57 year old I was quite nervous at taking up a Martial Art for the first time. I am so happy I pushed myself to take the step. After 3 months I have gone from 92 kg to 84 kg, my core strength has returned and I feel more healthy than I have for many years. I now realise Shotokan Karate is much more than the punching and kicking, the strength, stretching and yoga exercises that you incorporate in the classes and it has made a real difference to my life. For all your guidance Karate has really helped me get fit and strong, I think I do feel many years younger thanks to you. I would wholeheartedly recommend Byron Shire Shotokan to both children and adults.”

Andrew F. 6th Kyu

“As mentioned in the school’s description, Sensei Jean is a life long student with many teachers and influences. This is immediately apparent when attending Jean’s classes which give the student more than just knowledge of Karate but tools to take on their life long journey of self discovery and improvement which is the art of Karate Do. Adding to this is the genuine love of his students and passion and commitment he brings to every session which is truly infectious and leaves the student with a feeling of having a meaningful experience and not just learning a ‘few moves’. I am grateful to have met Sensei Jean and be able to train at his Dojo which I hope to do for many years to come. I can only think and speak of Sensei Jean and his Academy of Martial Arts in the highest regard and urge anyone looking into Karate and Practical Self Defense to contact Sensei Jean.”

Jeff H. 6th Kyu

“After 18 months training with Sensei Ben Ruble at Mullumbimby Dojo I’m a convert. Ben’s classes are intensive and always leave me feeling energised. He has a fine attention to detail, knows just where I’m going wrong and how to put it right, and most importantly, loves karate as an art which is spiritual as much as physical. After a morning class with Ben I feel bulletproof. Nothing can touch me for the rest of the day. As well as attending Sensei Ben’s classes, I also train intermittently with Sensei Jean Boussard at Bangalow Dojo. The two teachers’ styles are very different, but they share a love of Shotokan which is highly infectious, and Sensei Jean, with his emphasis on self defence, provides a balance to Ben’s firm grounding in basic techniques. Between them, they make Byron Shire a great place to train karate. Respect to you both, Sensei Ben and Sensei Jean.”

Ben W. 6th Kyu

“Jean Boussard Sensei is a highly skilled practitioner and teacher of Karate. After one year of attending his classes, my physical fitness has improved immensely in my middle age. Besides the health benefits, I have acquired a sense of mental clarity and emotional calm during a difficult period of my life. Though Karate is a martial art, Jean Sensei’s holistic approach to the discipline helps his students to work on their self-development more broadly, and I strongly recommend his classes for those of all ages.”

Dr Nick M. 6th Kyu

“Since I started practising Shotokan Karate and Pranayama with Jean Boussard Sensei 6 months ago I have felt a great improvement in many areas of my daily life. I am a very busy person managing multiple businesses and I have really felt the discipline to give me a grounding that I really needed and to help me perform better in everyday tasks. I have also had a substantial improvement to my general posture and strengthened my areas of weakness from previous injuries including my lower back. I just wish I had started this training years ago because I have already seen so much improvement in my own health and self confidence in such a small amount of time. I would definitely recommend this for all age groups and particularly important for children and adolescents who are developing their personalities and could really benefit from the self confidence which this discipline provides. Jean is an excellent teacher with many years of experience and is very patient but still helps you to push yourself to your full potential and really tap into that inner strength that a lot us of may not even know we have.”

Simah A. 6th Kyu

“Karate is giving me the discipline and community Tribe which I enjoy. After class, I often feel an endorphin high. Karate takes me away from my head and I enjoy being taught by Sensei a different form of exercise. It is strength work, coordination, mental discipline. I also enjoy learning the Dojo etiquette. It is very respectful behavior and this is a wonderful foundation for young ones and reminders for adults on how to treat each other.”

Heeling D. 10th Kyu


“I do love them being leaders. It’s so good for them to help out. You are such a positive influence on them. It is heart warming.”

The parents of Roy C. (15) 2nd Kyu

“Karate Do has supported my son in many ways. He is noticeably calmer and more positive after classes and has developed strength, balance and fitness.”

The mother of Isaac P. (15) 2nd Kyu

“Sam has been attending the Shotokan Karate Do for six months. He loves it, but we have also noticed he is a much more disciplined boy. He respects Sensei Jean who has a wonderful way with the children.”

The parents of Sam F. (13) 3rd Kyu

“I took my son to Byron Shire Shotokan Karate as a martial arts novice. I had no idea what to expect but thought it would be a good form of exercise for a boy not interested in “running around a field after a ball”. What I found was a supportive and encouraging environment fostering respect, strength and mindfulness. Jean Boussard Sensei holds the class with calm strength and a lightness that brings out the best in the kids.”

The mother of Fergus S. (13) 3rd Kyu

“Since my son started Karate Do with Jean Boussard Sensei, I have definitely noticed an increase in focus, co-ordination, strength and flexibility, as well as an improvement in self- esteem. I highly recommend Karate Do for children of all ages, and especially teenage boys.”

The mother of Ocean C. (14) 5th Kyu

“I wanted to pass on our ongoing appreciation for your exceptional teaching that benefits Beau in so many ways. Certainly in areas of self defence and self confidence but also his persistence and growth mind set. Thank you for your on going support of Beau’s learning and development.”

The mother of Beau S. (11) 5th Kyu

“My son Oscar, 12, has been training with Sensei Jean in karate for almost 2 years and it has given him many benefits in all areas of his life and wellbeing. His posture, agility and fitness have dramatically improved as has his ability to concentrate. Oscar really enjoys going to the classes in Bangalow and many of his school mates have joined now so there are a strong group going through the levels together. Jean holds the space extremely well and the group are mentally and physically a strong bunch of karate kids.”

The mother of Oscar O. (13) 5th Kyu

“Our son has attended karate lessons for just over one year. As well as self defence the classes teach self respect and respect for others. He has benefited immensely and grown in strength and confidence. I recommend highly to any parent Byron Shire Shotokan.”

The parents of Jarra W. (15) 6th Kyu

“I have found Jean’s approach as an instructor of Shotokan to be incredible for my son, who began learning with Jean at age 10 with no prior experience. Sensei Jean is patient, highly experienced with a very calm demeanor which has a positive affect on his students. He encourages his students with a high expectation and valuable feedback of what they need to work on and what they are doing well. I find the environment of positive male role models the perfect environment for my son to learn these skills in self defence and discipline. I am confident my son will gain his black belt with Jean as his mentor!”

The parents of Floyd W. (12) 6th Kyu

“My son has been learning karate with Sensei Jean for 18 months now. Sensei Jean is a wonderful teacher who exudes the teachings of martial arts. He is patient , kind and thorough in his teaching of the classes. My son thoroughly enjoys his lessons and through Sensei Jean’s  instruction is progressing quickly . I highly recommend Byron Shire Shotokan Karate Do for girls and boys of any age.  Last week I think the class was hit by all the energy in the cosmos , it is still very powerful today ,I think the dragons are flying around. Thank you so much!”

The mother of Kwey M. (11) 8th Kyu

“Noah came back transformed and just teaching his sister in the living room his new skills. It sounds wonderful how you teach the children. Noah was proud of himself. I love the discipline and respect you teach. You are so kind! Your work is powerful. Noah is doing very well. Thank you so much”

The mother of Noah S. (13) 9th Kyu


“My 9 year old daughter has been learning Karate with Jean for over 18 months. Her focus, discipline and determination have been nourished by Jean’s no nonsense attitude to training. She loves attending these classes.”

The parents of Maisy H. (9) 5th Kyu

“So glad we found Shotokan Karate in Bangalow. Jean is an excellent teacher for my 6yr old son. Noah has progressed quickly and enjoys his weekly lessons. Not only is he learning self defence skills, but also discipline and focus.”

The mother of Noah H. (7) 8th Kyu

“Billy started Karate classes with Jean Sensei when he was six. It has been great for him to interact with students of different ages and varying levels. It has been a fabulous tool for his mental health, it has helped increase his focus and mental clarity and kept him in control of his emotions. His physical wellbeing has also benefited greatly. Thank you Jean for the wonderful lessons and your meditative-like calmness. I would highly recommend getting your kids involved.”

The parents of Billy O. (7) 9th Kyu