Top JKA Instructor 7th Dan Jeff Krug Sensei visits Byron Bay 21 December 2019

This Saturday 21 December, just 4 days before Christmas, we had the privilege at our Bangalow main Dojo to welcome Jeff Krug Sensei for a great Shotokan session. Sensei Jeff was visiting Byron Bay for a few days only and showed his absolute dedication by visiting us by 30 degrees plus.
We had our last training of the year on Friday and well done to the few karatekas who could honour the Event. My thanks to Richard Marlin Sensei (7th Dan) from Lismore who attended and to Mick O Keefe Sensei (7th Dan) also from Lismore who alas had to excuse himself.
See the below biography :
Sensei Jeff Krug commenced his Karate career with the Japan Karate Association (JKA) under Sensei Stan Schmidt in 1978, and was awarded his 7th Dan in October 2016 at JKA Headquarters in Tokyo. Sensei Jeff was awarded South African national colours in 1994 to represent South Africa as team manager at the world JKA championships in Philadelphia.
He was also a member of the JKA Executive for South Africa. Sensei Jeff has been involved with Maccabi throughout his karate career. He was on the South African Maccabi Finance committee. He represented South Africa in 1993 and 1997 at the Maccabi games in Israel, and was coach of the Australian Senior team at the 2005 Maccabi Games.
At the beginning of 2004 Sensei Jeff under chief instructor Sensei Keith Geyer formed the Shotokan Karate Coalition in Australia which has close to 1000 members. Sensei Jeff is a highly rated Karate instructor and teaches 5 times a week in Bondi (Sydney).
My gratitude to Jeff Krug Sensei whom we will see hopefully soon again in Byron.
Byron Shire Shotokan Karate and Self Defence will resume good fun realistic training on 7 January.
Merry Xmas to all Karatekas and Friends
Jean Boussard Sensei🌈🙂